Best Substrate for Tegu

The burrowing lizards are also known as tegus always need the best substrates to serve their purposes. Substrates which also mean beddings provide comfort to the pet and making their stay in the new environment better. It is aimed at ensuring that the pet remains healthy and that it is able to carry out all the activities that it can carry out in a natural ecosystem. Since tegus keep on burrowing themselves, it means that they require a substrate that can help them burrow for up to 60 cm. providing tegus with a place where they can burrow themselves means physical fitness and makes them more natural. Burrowing also allows the tegu claws to remain filed without being interfered with by the humans.



These are self-cleaning substrates that help the tegus to remain healthy and comfortable. The bedding can be used for a very long time without being cleaned which allows the tegu to have the longest chance of life possible to carry out all its activities. The maintenance cost us therefore low than the other substrates which make it one of the best tegu substrate in the market. This materials making up this bedding allow easy burrowing of the tegus making it as similar to the natural environment as possible. Additionally, it does not irritate the sensitive feed off the young tegus making it easy to grow the young ones. Due to its bioactive properties, even the most sensitive of the reptiles can be reared on it without being disturbed.

DIY Naturalistic Mix

The best substrate in the market has already been found. The DIY naturalistic mix is a 15% peat moss, 15% play sand, 30% sphagnum moss, and 40% organic topsoil bedding. The top of the bedding has a layer of leaves. The properties of the bedding allow it to retain much moisture generated by the reptile humidifier. It also allows easy burrowing of the lizards thus keeping them happy and healthy. Especially when kept damp, the tegus have a chance of easily burrowing just like they do in the natural ecosystem. Maintenance for this bedding is also easy unlike most of the other substrates. You do not need to worry about the health of your tegu anymore since this bedding takes care of everything and ensures that the reptile is always happy and healthy.

Eucalyptus Mulch

This is a highly used bedding in most of the other nations outside the United States. The bedding can hold as much humidity as needed for the tegu to survive. It is readily available and the cost of acquiring it very low making it one of the best beddings that you can use. With its natural characteristics. The animals can easily burrow hence making them more healthy and happy. The natural properties of this bedding make it the best to use since there are no chemicals used that can irritate the animal or pose a threat to its health. However, you should not use this bedding if you are planning to have live plants into the animal’s new environment.

Orchid Bark

Orchid bark is made up of redwood that had been dried in a kiln. Despite the fact that pine is a toxic plant, the toxins in it are easily neutralized when the products are made to dry in a kiln. This gives an assurance that the bedding will be much safer than most of the others since the detoxifying process is assured.  The layer made by the orchid bark is very attractive to the reptile and the eyes of the owner. The natural properties allow humidity retention hence availing as much humidity as needed for the survival of the tegu. It is also easy to burrow in hence making it one of the best bedding to use for burrowing reptiles.


If you have not yet come across the right substrate for tegu, you have no reason to worry since here, we ensure that you get the best and the most correct information that you need. For the good health and the happiness of your tegu, we have compiled a number of substrates that you can use for the best results. There exist a million of such substrates in the market but most of them are toxic and do not fit the needs of your animal. Make your choice today and get the substrate of your choice that can provide as close to the natural environmental conditions as possible.

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