Saddle for Wide Flat Backed Horse

Horseback riding may be exciting for every horse enthusiast. But for those who understand the requirements to have a safe and enjoyable ride will always consider the right equipment needed to do, including the right saddle for every ride. And as there is no universal measurement for a back of a horse, anyone wanting to have an enjoyable adventure with his or her horse will want to find the most suitable option. But if you have a horse that has a wider back that most horses, you will need to find the best saddle for wide flat backed horses to enjoy the ride.

Choosing the Saddle for Your Horse

Saddle for Wide Flat Backed Horse

The primary factors that you need to consider when looking for an appropriate saddle for your horse is the saddle’s form and the functions that it will most likely serve

Form and function

Fitting begins in the tree. The tree of a saddle is the firm, inner portion (frame) that gives the saddle its stability and shape. It is normally made of plastic or wood and comes in a variety of sizes to fit the different shapes of horses’ backs. You will need to go with one with the tree that perfectly fits the contours of your horse’s back. That means your search for the best saddle starts with a good understanding of tree shapes and how it affects the fit of a saddle on the back of a horse.

The tree acts as the skeleton for the saddle. It provides support and stability, both to the saddle and the rider. It functions to distribute evenly the weight of the rider on back of the horse and also keep the pressure off the horse’s spine. To do this, the tree should conform to the shape of the back of the horse. If not, it could either create pressure points or be covering the inappropriate part of the back of the horse.

Saddle Types

Fortunately, there are many different variations of horse saddles that are available in the market today, including the following:

  1. General purpose saddle. These saddles are just the right type for beginners or those who have just bought their first horse and intends to try different forms of horseback riding. They are made to be solid with folds that are forward and forces to the rider to ride firmly. These saddles will be perfect for jumping, dressages, as well as hacks or chases.


  1. Dressage saddle. These saddles are designed for cutting edge riders who are constantly contend in level work rivalries. Their seats are more like a U-molded bend when seen from the side and is designed to allow the rider to seat more comfortably. These saddles are made with straight folds. A lightweight, dainty material is used in making this saddle, giving the rider closer leg contact for accuracy moves.


  1. Jumping saddle. Jumping saddles are designed to push the rider forward into the two-point bouncing position when they are heading towards the wall. Dressage saddles look more like a smooth C-formed bend when seen from the side. It has folds that are wider and gives the leg more backing. It also has cushioning at the front of the folds which offers steadiness and insurance to the lower leg when bouncing.


  1. Hunting saddle. These saddles are also known as chasing saddles and are designed for riders who regularly go hunting. Its seat is molded to push the rider’s weight and have his feet advance in the stirrups. This assures the rider of having a secure ride even when he hits a wall.These saddles are made with tough calfskin to coordinate the customary chasing clothing.


  1. Western saddle. Western saddles are made using chestnut cowhide and can be intricately improved with brilliant Western plans. It is designed with a horn at the front of the seat. This gives balance to the rider as he holds the reigns with his other hand. The seats are made to be firm and solid that is appropriate for sharp turns.

For the best saddle for wide flat backed horse, it is best to have a custom-made saddle as it will ensure that you can have the perfectly fitting saddle for your horse. Hence, it will be a smart thing to consider the recommendations of expert saddlers as well.

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