Proper Horse Care

It is not that easy to tame a horse. If you are one of those who fancies of having one or more of these fillies to care for, you need to understand proper horse care.

Horses are majestic animals. They are so powerful and possess great beauty and amazing power that you will be proud of while riding one of them, perhaps, by just looking at them. It will be an exhilarating, yet an enjoyable one. It will be like conquering a beast at the start. Later, you will realize that you are just experiencing a different feeling of happiness with a conquering beauty that all that you would want is to have that thing with you to continue to astound you for as long as it lives.

Horse Care

It may prove to be a challenge for first-time owners, nonetheless. But once you have learned the basics, it will be a lot easier to provide these beauties the proper care that they need to stay healthy under your care.

Horses require much attention like many other animals. They also have a specific diet and need more spaces than other pets that you may already have at the moment. So, if you are planning to take on the challenge, you will need to take on yourself to understand and implement the best ways to nurture your equine’s health. Once you do, it will not only be your horse that will benefit from the experience, but you will also find it a very rewarding one.

To help you with the challenge, consider these tips to ensure that your horse will remain healthy and happy while it is under your care.

  1. Make sure to provide adequate food for your filly. It may sound like a cliche, but, yes, your horse need proper nutrition to maintain its good health. Horses need more than your ordinary house pet. They like to graze constantly. That means you will have to establish regular times throughout the day for feeding to train your horse to get used to that feeding pattern. Hay is a staple diet for horses and this should be given to them to fill in as much fiber that they need.

As they have a hearty appetite, these majestic steads also need to have plenty of fresh water available to drink.

  1. Keep your horse reasonably fit by making sure that it gets enough exercise. The amount of exercise that stabled horses need will be dependent on its breed, the work that you require your filly to accomplish regularly, as well as the type of environment that it inhabits.

As a horse are usually kept standing in stalls for a great period of time, their limbs and feet have a tendency to swell if not provided enough exercise to allow the proper circulation of blood in the lower parts of their bodies. About 15-20 minutes of walking is enough to keep the blood circulating properly. That would be sufficient to remove the stiffness from your horses’ limbs, perhaps, even reduce any swelling that they may have. To keep your horse in top condition, however, it will need about two hours of exercise every day. Have them ridden for about that time regularly to keep their backs toned as well.

  1. Stabled horses need a clean, dry, and warm place to stay. Keep it that way. Undomesticated horses have their ways to keep themselves clean and warm while in the wild. Those under your care, however, depend on you to be kept properly groomed and staying healthy. That includes keeping their stables just as how they should be kept. There should be proper ventilation to keep them feel warm and dry, and it should be kept well cleaned so it won’t stink.


  1. Horses are a social animal. They will need as much attention that you or other animals can give. They do love the attention, so you need to give time to fill that need. Play with them. You can also keep small animals near their stables, so they won’t feel neglected or alone. They also love to be pet every once in a while. They are just like humans, anyway. They also feed their emotions and not just their bellies.


  1. Giving your horse enough attention, the right diet, a clean environment, and adequate exercise, does not mean they won’t require any medical attention. You will also need to bring your filly to a veterinarian for regular checkups and whenever necessary. Regular de-worming and dental checks are likewise essential.


Proper horse care is essential as this creates a stronger bond between you and your filly. Proper stabling, handling, as well as feeding, most of the times, determine how a horse will respond to you, its owner. To have a better impact on your horse and have better quality times spent with one or more of them, you need to make sure that they are provided with the essentials that they need to remain healthy and happy while under your care.

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