Symptoms of Cancer in Dogs

Cancer is common in dogs & it’s the cause for half of all deaths in dogs aged more than ten years. This disease occurs in all parts of the body like gastrointestinal tract which includes stomach and bowels, skin, urinary tract covering bladder & kidney, nervous system, breast, blood and bones. The aim here for us will be to provide as much information as possible about various types of cancers and their symptoms so that you can take steps at the right time and get your dog for treatment.

Common Tumors Seen in Dogs
We will now look at some of the most common type of tumors which are found in dogs:

1. Lymphoma: This kind of cancer affects dog’s digestive functioning and the symptoms include lethargy, diarrhea and vomiting. The cancer affects liver causing yellow tinge to appear on the skin as well as in gums. If the cancer affects chest then it results in breathing difficulty and coughs.

2. Mammary Gland Tumors: It is seen that female dogs in the higher age group are more prone to getting this type of tumor and also those which have not been spayed. As much as fifty percent of tumors occurring in dogs are these tumors. The common symptom is development of lump in breast tissues.

3. Abdominal Tumors: It is difficult to find early symptoms of these tumors. However, some of the things to keep watch of would be weight loss, pale gums, vomiting, continuous diarrhea, enlargement of the abdomen and weakness.

4. Testicular Tumors: These tumors are most prevalent in intact male dogs. Symptoms of cancer in dogs with this kind of tumor are enlargement of one of the testicles, lack of appetite, loss of weight and weakness.

Types of Cancers and Their Symptoms

In this section we will go through some of the types and symptoms of cancer in dogs at initial as well as advanced stages of the disease. (more…)

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Arthritis Supplements for Dogs

Watching your dog suffer from arthritis can be upsetting. They wake up in the morning, hobble around, and just don’t seem to be the dog they were a few years ago. Arthritis supplements for dogs can relieve their agonizing pain with other added factors. The best supplements are natural, because they provide your furry friend with the proper vitamins and nutrients needed to be healthy.

While the primary benefit of natural arthritis supplements for dogs involves eliminating arthritis, there are other advantages as well.

#1 Healthier Blood

Yes, the focus is on your dog’s arthritis, but natural supplements for arthritis can also help their blood. A dog with a healthy supply of red blood cells will remove issues like Anemia. This will keep your dog from feeling sluggish or look lethargic.

Providing your loved one with plenty of Vitamin A will act as a fighter against free radicals. Here are some of the other benefits associated with vitamin A:

  • Cataract Reduction
  • Healthier Mucus Membranes
  • Healthier Skeletal Growth
  • Proper Eye Function

#2 Avoiding Infections

Utilizing natural arthritis supplements for dogs can also help him or her avoid infections. This is due to an ingredient called; Selenium. It provides a heavy dose of antioxidants to kill free radicals and allow the dog to live a longer and healthier life.

#3 Better Structural Framework of the Bones

Some natural arthritis supplements for dogs can also provide better bone structure. When researching natural supplements for your pet, see if Oyster Shell is present. This allows their heart to beat at a normal rate, and you can help them prevent bone loss. Oyster shell offers an ample supply of Vitamin C, which helps the heart and bones, as well as:

  • Muscle Contraction and Relaxation
  • Prevents Blood Clotting
  • Provides Proper Nervous System Function

Other Ingredients to Find

The natural ingredients above can help your dog’s arthritis, and prevent future issues in other areas of his or her body. Here’s a quick look at some other ingredients you should consider:

  • Amino Acids
  • Blue Green Algae
  • Copper
  • Papain
  • Shark Cartilage
  • Vitamins A, B (multiple), C, E
  • Zinc

NuJoint (NuVet’s joint supplement) is an arthritis supplements for dogs with these ingredients. NuJoint is designed to keep your dog healthy by eliminating issues with arthritis by providing a natural arthritis supplement for dogs.

High Quality Dog Food

When we think about high quality dog food, most of us believe it has the best ingredients for our dog’s health. Unfortunately, some of the advertisements are misleading. Sure, they could provide some benefits for a healthier heart or cardiovascular system, but not enough to truly make a difference. You have to do the research in order to provide your dog with the best ingredients possible.

We’re going to share some of the “dos and don’ts” of dog food today:

No Fillers

Start thinking that fillers in dog food are similar to humans heading to McDonald’s for dinner. It’s just a way for the companies to make it feel heartier, but your dog’s health isn’t going to benefit from it. Adding fillers is also the easiest way to make ingredients look better than what they really are on the label. Eliminating these will have you one step closer to finding high quality dog food.

Forget the Grains

Healthy grains are fine, but it’s usually added as a filler. This type of grain can lead to health issues down the road. If you see this on the label, it’s definitely not high quality dog food. If you want to add grain to their diet for energy purposes, consider using something like rolled oats or brown rice.

Give them plenty of Vitamin A

One of the best ingredients for your companion is Vitamin A. The main reason is the multiple benefits it offers. Down the road, your dog would have to deal with possible cataracts, tremors, bathroom issues, and a variety of other problems. Vitamin A can reduce the overall risk, especially if it’s present in your high quality dog food.

Find High Quality Dog Food with Antioxidants

The rapid aging of a dog means, you have to start him or her on a good diet early in life. Dogs that are fed bad table scraps or economical dog foods will end up with more health problems than you can imagine. We recommend looking for something with plenty of antioxidants in it. This alone can help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as creates healthier cardiovascular and immune system for your pet.

Add in a Natural Supplement

Even though high quality dog food offers more benefits than foods with filler and preservatives in them, giving your dog a natural vitamin supplement is imperative. They cannot gain as many vitamins and nutrients from dog food. A natural supplement from a reputable company like Nuvet, can offer all the essentials your dog needs.

A good dog supplement will also complement your high quality dog food.

Symptoms of Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Hip dysplasia is a condition associated with hip sockets abnormal formation. In its severe form hip dysplasia can result in painful hip arthritis as well as crippling lameness. This type of condition is the result of polygenic genetic traits and is affected by different factors which are related to the environment the dog is in.

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs
Some of the most common symptoms of hip dysplasia in dogs are soreness after getting up from a resting position, not willing to exercise, bunny hopping, while running legs moving together instead of alternative swing motion, lameness, not being able to get up on its rear legs, climb stairs, hip joint dislocation, unable to jump up, subluxation and reduction in hip area muscle mass.

By performing X-ray (radiographs) symptoms of hip dysplasia in dogs can be traced but in few dogs radiographic features do not show up till they are 2 years old. So X-rays may not be the option to use for knowing symptoms of dysplasia in dogs for some breeds in which the problems starts by the age of 7 to 8 months.

Few of the other symptoms of hip dysplasia in dogs which you should know about are moderate lameness which all of a sudden worsens, while walking dogs with back problems along with hip dysplasia sometimes scuff toenails, their gait is uncoordinated and their rear limbs are weak.

Conditions Replicating Hip Dysplasia Symptoms
There are several conditions with symptoms which are very similar to those for hip dysplasia and at the time of diagnosis these should be kept in mind:

  • Ligament tears (cranial cruciate)
  • Arthritic conditions (for rear limbs)
  • Lower back problems (syndrome – cauda equine)
  • Osteochondritis dissecans

Diagnosis of Hip Dysplasia
Diagnosis is done using hip scoring as well as through X-rays. The X-ray diagnosis also involves analyzing how the dog moves to find why the problem has occurred. The spine and legs are checked as the soft tissues in these areas could get affected by hip dysplasia and would help to confirm existence of problem.

Treatment of Hip Dysplaisa
It is a inherited and degenerative disease and therefore treatment involves regular review of existing symptoms to cure the problem. Treatment could in the form of medication if the problem is minor and can be controlled with medicines, however, in serious conditions surgery may be required. The surgery could be of two types, one where the joint is reshaped for improving movement and reduce pain and the other where damaged hip is totally replaced.

1. Non surgical Treatment: In non surgical treatment there are three parts, exercises, weight control and medication. This kind of treatment makes use of anti-inflammatory drugs and nutritional supplements to improve the condition in dogs. If you prefer a natural treatment instead of traditional pain medication, NuJoint Joint Supplements offer support for dogs suffering with Dysplasia NuJoint helps reduce pain and inflammation in the joints.

2. Surgical Treatment: It includes femoral head ostectomy where head of femur is removed. Another option is hip replacement which gives the highest success rate and an artificial hip is used to replace the original one.

A Final Note

Hip dysplasia is a common problem in dogs and sometimes it is hard to diagnose the problem as the dog may have been affected since young age and is now used to pain. So knowing the symptoms is important for proper diagnosis as well as treatment of hip dysplasia.

Best Natural Dog Food

We have to agree, your dog does need to have a healthy food to eat every day. It’s a good idea to find something that has less to do with grains and carbohydrates, and more to do with protein. It should offer a healthy supply of natural ingredients, but also offer other essentials to keep your dog healthy.

Our top best natural dog food picks

  • Orijen- Protein-rich, carbohydrate-limited and grain-free, Biologically Appropriate ORIJEN is loaded with richly nourishing meats, including free-run poultry, whole eggs, free-range red meats and wild-caught fish.
  • Evo- Formulated among the highest protein and lowest carbs of grain free dog and cat food to maintain a strong, lean body, without sacrificing energy levels
  • Solid Gold- One of the first pet food companies in the United States using all-natural ingredients.
  • Innova- A true holistic dog food. Made with farm-fresh, natural ingredients from the five food groups to supply optimal nutrition for peak performance at every life stage.

Unfortunately, even the best natural dog food won’t give your dog all the essentials. You also need to add a natural supplement to their daily regimen.

Granted, the best natural dog food can come with a plethora of beneficial ingredients. However, there are other ingredients a natural supplement can provide. We want to discuss a few of them today. Hopefully it will give you a better idea of what your dog needs.

Brewer’s Yeast – This is natural source of B-Complex vitamins. You want your dog to look and feel young, which is one of the benefits associated with this ingredient. The best natural dog food usually offers B-Complex vitamins, but the amounts are rather small. Utilizing Brewer’s Yeast can increase the overall benefits.

Evening Primrose Oil – In order to provide your dog with better cardiovascular health, Evening Primrose Oil should be a part of his or her daily regimen. It can keep the arteries from hardening, lower the risk of heart disease, and keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels balanced. It’s also a great way to help your dog manage arthritis.

L Methionine – Dogs need an amino acid based diet, because the antioxidants can reduce the occurrence of various health issues down the road. In order to benefit from Selenium and Zinc, the body needs L Methionine. Unfortunately this is something you wouldn’t normally find in the best natural dog food. If it’s there, the overall amounts are quite small.

Without L Methionine your dog could end up with liver damage, muscle and fat loss, as well as progressive weakness and it ages.

Choosing the Right Supplement

Focusing on a specific supplement will complement the best natural dog food you find. While the 3 ingredients are helpful, there are plenty of other advantages with other natural ingredients. Based on our extensive research, a high quality supplement to be combined with the dog food you use is from Nuvet.

Nuvet offers several natural ingredients in their dog vitamin supplements. Adding this to your dog’s daily diet can provide a healthier and longer lifestyle for him or her. Take a few moments to learn more about Nuvet products, because all of them will be focused on your dog’s needs.

NuJoint Plus Joint Supplement

Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Hip Dysplasia, and  joint inflammation can be extremely painful for dogs. Older dogs aren’t the only ones that can suffer from Arthritis, Osteoporosis, joint inflammation and aching bones. A canine of any age can become afflicted with joint problems due to contaminated food, environmental toxins, injury and breed genetics.

Pain from joints and arthritis in dogs can be treated naturally with NuJoint Plus®! Regardless of age or breed, your dog will find relief (without narcotic drugs) and health benefits from NuJoint Plus®, a specially formulated nutritional pet supplement. NuJoint Plus® is a joint supplement for dogs that’s a natural anti-inflammatory hip and joint therapy. This daily dog joint supplement is made with highest quality pharmaceutical, human grade ingredients that are specifically compounded in a FDA approved laboratory for maximum potency and effectiveness.

NuJoint Plus® is a hip and joint therapy that is specifically formulated to focus on the bones and joints.

NuJoint Plus® is a natural anti-inflammatory hip and joint therapy formulated with the finest pharmaceutical, human grade ingredients. NuJoint Plus® was formulated by leading veterinarians and scientists to contain precise percentages of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and Vitamin C which will help to quickly and effectively reverse and heal the devastating effects of osteoarthritis.

NuJoint Plus helps relieve pain for dogs suffering with hip dysplasia, joint inflammation and arthritis in as little as days!

Your search for the best joint supplement for dogs is over! Natural joint supplements are the healthiest and safest way to treat dog pain from joint issues and arthritis. The overuse of traditional medicine in treating dogs with arthritis is a common issue many dog owners face and NuVet NuJoint Plus has come to the rescue.

What are your options?

Dogs have to deal with arthritis as much as humans do, but they can’t talk to us when something is wrong. One out of every 5 dogs will end up with arthritis, so it’s important to take precautionary measures throughout their lives. It’s one of the many reasons why arthritis supplements for dogs are popular today.

Without them, your companion you could be in serious pain. Some of the symptoms associated with dog arthritis are:

  • Behavioral Changes
  • Irritability
  • Joint Pain
  • Lameness
  • Stiffness
  • Etc.

The majority of these issues occur when your dog wake’s up. This could be from the night before or a nap. When arthritis supplements for dogs are part of the daily regimen, it can reduce the arthritis and control any negative changes in the future. However, it’s important to do a little research and find the right solution for your dog.

More than Supplements?

Dogs end up with arthritis for several reasons. One of the most common reasons is their diet. Poor dieting habits occur when an owner doesn’t know about the dog food they’re giving their dog, or they don’t care. For instance; several studies suggest that we remove grains from a dog’s diet completely if they’re dealing with arthritis. In most cases you will see better mobility within the first few days.

Dogs require more protein than anything else. Even though we’re told dry dog food is the best option, sometimes canned food can be better. It depends on the protein intake available, and any other requirements associated with their diet. We also recommend keeping their starchy carbohydrates at a lower level.

Here are some of the other areas we recommend researching a little more:

* Fish Oil
* Fresh Eggs
* Glucosamine
* Issues with Pain Relievers
* Possible Alternative Therapies

Natural Alternatives

There are various arthritis supplements for dogs. Some of them come with narcotic ingredients, but others offer natural solutions. If you need a short term solution for extreme pain, prescription medications are usually preferred. If you’re looking for a preventative measure or long term benefits, natural supplements are a better solution. After all, most medications will mask the problem instead of correct it.

NuVet is a natural dog vitamin supplement designed to keep your dog healthy. NuVet spent 8 years formulating natural arthritis supplements for dogs called NuJoint. They are more than just vitamins and are FDA approved! The main focus is understanding all the harmful “by-products” attached to commercial foods and supplementing with healthy ingredients. Nuvet offers a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to deal with arthritis over the long term.

Nuvet ‘s NuJoint arthritis supplements for dogs helps relieve pain from arthritis without the use of harmful narcotics. Learn more about NuJoint here