How My Seatbelt Saved My Life!

Right before Christmas I was minding my own business, sleeping in the back of my human’s car when all of a sudden I was abruptly awoken when I started spinning and bouncing all over the place!

My human said something about there being a problem with the vehicle but I just think he needs to get his eyes checked! After a ton of bouncing and crashing the car finally stopped at the bottom of this big cliff. All the windows shattered and shrapnel all over the rocky cliff face.

Pretty much everything in the car was thrown, his luggage, christmas gifts, and even my toy! But I was still stuck in the car attached to this annoying harness that my human insists that I wear while driving. The thing is uncomfortable and I always find myself tangled up in it but he always says that someday it may save my life.

As if MY life needs saving! I am a Malamute, nothing can defeat me! But even so I think it just might have protected me quite well! From the photo I am sure you can tell that it was a pretty big mess and somehow I was able to crawl out almost completely uninjured! The darn harness held me in place firmly and protected me while the car rolled down the mountain side so I guess it really did help me!

There were really only two things that didn’t ejected from the car during it’s tumble and both of them were seat belted in. It led to a pretty scary couple days but both my human and I are mostly unhurt and I even got to still spend Christmas with the ones I love!

So listen up! I was always pretty skeptical about these car harness things. They are so very annoying but without mine I probably wouldn’t be here giving you this lesson so get your fur-less human bottom out to the store and buy a one for your beloved pooch because you never know when something is going to go wrong!

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