High Quality Dog Food

When we think about high quality dog food, most of us believe it has the best ingredients for our dog’s health. Unfortunately, some of the advertisements are misleading. Sure, they could provide some benefits for a healthier heart or cardiovascular system, but not enough to truly make a difference. You have to do the research in order to provide your dog with the best ingredients possible.

We’re going to share some of the “dos and don’ts” of dog food today:

No Fillers

Start thinking that fillers in dog food are similar to humans heading to McDonald’s for dinner. It’s just a way for the companies to make it feel heartier, but your dog’s health isn’t going to benefit from it. Adding fillers is also the easiest way to make ingredients look better than what they really are on the label. Eliminating these will have you one step closer to finding high quality dog food.

Forget the Grains

Healthy grains are fine, but it’s usually added as a filler. This type of grain can lead to health issues down the road. If you see this on the label, it’s definitely not high quality dog food. If you want to add grain to their diet for energy purposes, consider using something like rolled oats or brown rice.

Give them plenty of Vitamin A

One of the best ingredients for your companion is Vitamin A. The main reason is the multiple benefits it offers. Down the road, your dog would have to deal with possible cataracts, tremors, bathroom issues, and a variety of other problems. Vitamin A can reduce the overall risk, especially if it’s present in your high quality dog food.

Find High Quality Dog Food with Antioxidants

The rapid aging of a dog means, you have to start him or her on a good diet early in life. Dogs that are fed bad table scraps or economical dog foods will end up with more health problems than you can imagine. We recommend looking for something with plenty of antioxidants in it. This alone can help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as creates healthier cardiovascular and immune system for your pet.

Add in a Natural Supplement

Even though high quality dog food offers more benefits than foods with filler and preservatives in them, giving your dog a natural vitamin supplement is imperative. They cannot gain as many vitamins and nutrients from dog food. A natural supplement from a reputable company like Nuvet, can offer all the essentials your dog needs.

A good dog supplement will also complement your high quality dog food.

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