Ferret Harness

You might always want to walk around with your ferret. It is not like a dog that you can let out and then it follows you. Moreover, ferrets are tiny and they might even disappear which needs you to have a harness. With a harness, you will have a way to have a large part of the chest covered and then have the harness tied on a leash that you can always hold as you walk around with your pet. The best ferret harness is said to be the H-style harness.


For the safety of your ferret, it is very advisable to avoid the use of only a collar on your pet ferret. Make sure that you obtain a harness. Collars are not good because if you tighten it up so that the ferret does not disappear then it will be too tight to choke it. It can also make the fur to wear off and leave an exposed skin that may be prone to infections. In such a case, this would be posing health problems to your ferret. A harness is very safe for use in such cases. However, you should always avoid leaving the ferret with a collar or a harness while in the cage. This is because it might get caught in somewhere in the cage hence choking the animal to death. This means that a ferret that has a harness or a collar should always be supervised. It might also be a little weird to use a harness when inside the house. A harness is put to better use when walking the pet outside.

A good harness is made of straps and not strings. The straps should then be reasonably wide. Wide straps help to distribute pressure over a wide area rather than having it concentrated on a very limited part of the skin. The best harness is the one that has loops that can come off the shoulder. Some companies, however, make harness whose loops are halfway between the neck and the shoulder. For the harness whose loops are closer to one strap than the other strap, it is advisable to put further from the neck and close to the belly. This ensures that there is no much pressure exerted on the neck when the ferret pulls itself as it moves. For the harness whose loop is above the strap on the belly strap, it is a little bit easier to airlift the ferret without causing harm when you are in danger.

Avoid a harness that is too big and that which are made from foam. This is because they are very hot and insecure for your ferret. The problem with a very big harness is that adjusting it becomes hard and then your ferret might slide out. You should ensure that a best ferret harness is tight such that one of your fingers can slightly right in between the skin and the harness. Otherwise, if the distance becomes bigger than that the pet might slip out. It is not easy to get the ferret to get used to the harness. Some roll on the floor and pretend that their legs do not work anymore. Do not get discouraged by this behaviour. With time, they will get used to it. Just make them wear it and put them in a room where they do not get a chance to play. This makes them curious and they just start walking.

The H-harness is the type of harness which looks just like a letter H when you look at them from the top. This might be the best harness in store. Your harness might be an expert in slipping out of a harness and if it does slip out when wearing an H-harness, you only have to add a strap under the belly. Make sure that the strap runs from the loop under the neck to that under the belly. This helps to keep them in the bay. If your female ferret is too small for a harness, just shorten the H-harness straps a little bit to accommodate its length.

Wouldn’t it be fun to walk around with your pet? It is not only a dog or a cat that you should walk around with. You can also have a similar moment with your pet harness. What you need are a good harness and a leash. Make sure that the harness distributes pressure over a wide area to avoid chocking the pet. Remove the harness when the pet is in the cage to avoid chocking it. You can also adjust it accordingly to prevent the harness from slipping off.

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