Cool Reasons Why Men Grow Beards

Growing a beard is utilize as a way for a man to make personal statement as well as shape an individual’s style and it has since gained huge popularity with men all over the world. However, not everyone thinks that growing a beard is not a good thing as there are still large contingency of people that are not yet convinced about the good things that comes with growing a beard.

More than just having a good style, looking more mature, attractive and looking dapper there are other reasons why men should grow beard and here are some of them:


  1. Protection from UV Rays

Contrary to popular belief that beard is just for style, extensive research has shown that thick beards have the capability to block out up to 95 percent of UV rays from the sun. Aside from that, beards also prevents the skin from getting burned from the sun, it also makes a good protection from skin cancer.

  1. Prevents Acne

Studies show that shaving the face aids in spreading bacteria that causes cancer. This means that if you decided to grow a beard, you will have a strong chance of having smooth skin under your facial hair. It goes to show that allowing your beard to grow and taking care of it will promote healthy skin. Several best beard wash products are available that will not only take care of your beard but also your face. These products are made from natural ingredients so it will not damage your face.

  1. Confidence Builder

Confidence is a very important factor in a person’s life. A man who has more self-confidence in themselves is more likely to succeed in all aspects of his life and beard plays an important part in that. A beard gives a man a sense of power and confidence that radiates to those around him. If a man has decided to grow a beard, he is off to set a higher standard for his life and is aiming to become more successful.

  1. Acts as a Natural Filter

Aside from added confidence, growing a beard will give men the benefits of keeping those microscopic allergens from their nose. Beards acts like a filter that protects a man from some allergens and airborne bacteria that will lead to overall better health.

  1. Minimizes Wrinkles

The less you are exposed to the sun, the less wrinkles you get. Aside from protecting your face from the dangerous UV rays, beards also protects your face from having too much wrinkles.

  1. Keeps Your Skin Moist

Too much shaving has a lot of drawbacks like opening up the pores of the skin and cutting the face that eventually dries up the skin overtime. Especially during the summer and winter where your skin is exposed to situations that causes the skin to lose moisture and start to create flake having a beard will help you avoid all those issues as well as keep your skin healthy and nice.

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