Saddle for Wide Flat Backed Horse

Horseback riding may be exciting for every horse enthusiast. But for those who understand the requirements to have a safe and enjoyable ride will always consider the right equipment needed to do, including the right saddle for every ride. And as there is no universal measurement for a back of a horse, anyone wanting to have an enjoyable adventure with his or her horse will want to find the most suitable option. But if you have a horse that has a wider back that most horses, you will need to find the best saddle for wide flat backed horses to enjoy the ride.

Choosing the Saddle for Your Horse

Saddle for Wide Flat Backed Horse

The primary factors that you need to consider when looking for an appropriate saddle for your horse is the saddle’s form and the functions that it will most likely serve

Form and function

Fitting begins in the tree. The tree of a saddle is the firm, inner portion (frame) that gives the saddle its stability and shape. It is normally made of plastic or wood and comes in a variety of sizes to fit the different shapes of horses’ backs. You will need to go with one with the tree that perfectly fits the contours of your horse’s back. That means your search for the best saddle starts with a good understanding of tree shapes and how it affects the fit of a saddle on the back of a horse.

The tree acts as the skeleton for the saddle. It provides support and stability, both to the saddle and the rider. It functions to distribute evenly the weight of the rider on back of the horse and also keep the pressure off the horse’s spine. To do this, the tree should conform to the shape of the back of the horse. If not, it could either create pressure points or be covering the inappropriate part of the back of the horse.

Saddle Types

Fortunately, there are many different variations of horse saddles that are available in the market today, including the following:

  1. General purpose saddle. These saddles are just the right type for beginners or those who have just bought their first horse and intends to try different forms of horseback riding. They are made to be solid with folds that are forward and forces to the rider to ride firmly. These saddles will be perfect for jumping, dressages, as well as hacks or chases.


  1. Dressage saddle. These saddles are designed for cutting edge riders who are constantly contend in level work rivalries. Their seats are more like a U-molded bend when seen from the side and is designed to allow the rider to seat more comfortably. These saddles are made with straight folds. A lightweight, dainty material is used in making this saddle, giving the rider closer leg contact for accuracy moves.


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Ferret Harness

You might always want to walk around with your ferret. It is not like a dog that you can let out and then it follows you. Moreover, ferrets are tiny and they might even disappear which needs you to have a harness. With a harness, you will have a way to have a large part of the chest covered and then have the harness tied on a leash that you can always hold as you walk around with your pet. The best ferret harness is said to be the H-style harness.


For the safety of your ferret, it is very advisable to avoid the use of only a collar on your pet ferret. Make sure that you obtain a harness. Collars are not good because if you tighten it up so that the ferret does not disappear then it will be too tight to choke it. It can also make the fur to wear off and leave an exposed skin that may be prone to infections. In such a case, this would be posing health problems to your ferret. A harness is very safe for use in such cases. However, you should always avoid leaving the ferret with a collar or a harness while in the cage. This is because it might get caught in somewhere in the cage hence choking the animal to death. This means that a ferret that has a harness or a collar should always be supervised. It might also be a little weird to use a harness when inside the house. A harness is put to better use when walking the pet outside.

A good harness is made of straps and not strings. The straps should then be reasonably wide. Wide straps help to distribute pressure over a wide area rather than having it concentrated on a very limited part of the skin. The best harness is the one that has loops that can come off the shoulder. Some companies, however, make harness whose loops are halfway between the neck and the shoulder. For the harness whose loops are closer to one strap than the other strap, it is advisable to put further from the neck and close to the belly. This ensures that there is no much pressure exerted on the neck when the ferret pulls itself as it moves. For the harness whose loop is above the strap on the belly strap, it is a little bit easier to airlift the ferret without causing harm when you are in danger.

Avoid a harness that is too big and that which are made from foam. This is because they are very hot and insecure for your ferret. The problem with a very big harness is that adjusting it becomes hard and then your ferret might slide out. You should ensure that a best ferret harness is tight such that one of your fingers can slightly right in between the skin and the harness. Otherwise, if the distance becomes bigger than that the pet might slip out. It is not easy to get the ferret to get used to the harness. Some roll on the floor and pretend that their legs do not work anymore. Do not get discouraged by this behaviour. With time, they will get used to it. Just make them wear it and put them in a room where they do not get a chance to play. This makes them curious and they just start walking.

The H-harness is the type of harness which looks just like a letter H when you look at them from the top. This might be the best harness in store. Your harness might be an expert in slipping out of a harness and if it does slip out when wearing an H-harness, you only have to add a strap under the belly. Make sure that the strap runs from the loop under the neck to that under the belly. This helps to keep them in the bay. If your female ferret is too small for a harness, just shorten the H-harness straps a little bit to accommodate its length.

Wouldn’t it be fun to walk around with your pet? It is not only a dog or a cat that you should walk around with. You can also have a similar moment with your pet harness. What you need are a good harness and a leash. Make sure that the harness distributes pressure over a wide area to avoid chocking the pet. Remove the harness when the pet is in the cage to avoid chocking it. You can also adjust it accordingly to prevent the harness from slipping off.

Parakeet Toys to Be on Your List

Many love to have pets around the house, primarily to provide companionship, protection, and entertainment. Most kids would enjoy hours of play time with soft and cuddly pets. And one of the choices, when it comes to a pet bird, is a parakeet. In case you are thinking of owning one or more of these lovely song birds, you need to consider how you can provide proper care for the bird. Make sure you have everything that it will need to remain healthy and satisfied, including the top parakeet toys to be on your list.

Parakeet Toys

These amusing birds are loved by many bird owners for some good reasons, as follows:

  1. Parakeets can talk. Won’t it be nice to have a pet that can talk back if you want it too? Sure thing this bird can! Proper training and enough time devoted to teaching your bird will soon make it talk back to you.
  2. Parakeets do more than just talk, they can even whistle tones, perhaps even sing. These amazing birds are noted to have remarkable memories. Train them right, and they can surely whistle on demand soon enough.
  3. These remarkable pets can be quite friendly. Parakeets are sociable like other animals. Once they have been trained well enough, you will soon find your pet birds to be even charming your friends with their presence. They also show their fondness to their owners when they rest on their arms, shoulders, or heads. They do enjoy nibbling on fingertips as well as random head pats.

Parakeets also enjoy the company of other birds. You’ll hear them chirping in harmony. There are always exceptions to the rule, however. Whenever you notice signs of aggression in your pet bird, it might just be the right time to separate it from the crowd and let it be alone for some time.

Fun Time with Parakeets

Parakeets are very interactive and remain active for the most part of their time. Providing soft best parakeet toys can be quite stimulating and can help relieve stress. It will be a great idea if you can provide a playpen with a lot of space outside of their cages where it can play, explore, and do anything that can keep the birds stimulated. Consider toy items that promote foraging activities, preening, and shredding as these can provide hours of activity for your birds.

There are simple things that can keep your pet parakeet occupied. Toys made of safe materials and also are designed with the safety, and entertainment of the parakeet should be placed in their play area or inside their cages. A quick search on Google will provide you with some of the best options. (more…)

Hummingbird Food Recipe

Birds, like hummingbirds, can liven up any space. Whether they are just perched quietly on a branch of a tree or hovering over every flower that they had drunk honey from, and when they are lively chirping their hearts out. These remarkable creatures, though looking frail and rather small, have their own way of amusing anyone. They won’t remain lively all the time if they are sickly and won’t find their sources of feed that their bodies need at the right time. The law prohibits owning a native North American Hummingbird. But as they migrate to the south every year and also choose the same spot as their feeding ground, you can still provide food for them any time you want. With the best hummingbird food recipe that is just so easy to prepare, you can feed all the hummingbirds that you want anytime.

Hummingbird Food

Hummingbirds Crave Sweets

For those who have blood health concerns, too much salt or sugar is not advisable. But for hummingbirds? Never. Give hummingbirds some sweet feeds and they will adore you. This is due to the fact that these interesting birds feed on nectar. They hover from flower to flower to find the kind of sweet that they love to eat. And if you love watching these birds, you can make them stay a longer in your own garden by just hanging the right hummingbird feeder and provide the right feed for them.

If there are hummers that frequent your place, you will notice that they zoom and zip constantly from one spot to another. Such an activity gives them quick metabolism. Because of that, they will need replacements to the used up energy. They need a lot of protein, but they also need nectar that will fuel them up as they find their source of protein, such as small spiders and gnats.

If you plan to welcome more hummingbirds in your place, you have to constantly supply them with the sugar that they need to survive each day. All that you need is a feeder (or feeders if you plan to have more hummers flocking your garden, porch, or garage) properly setup and a simple nectar recipe that you can do in no time. Just have the feeders hung where you see those hummers frequent and they will soon enjoy some homemade nectar which you can prepare in no time.

Best Hummingbird Food Recipe

This is a very simple recipe that you can prepare in less than five (5) minutes. All that you will need are the following ingredients:

1 part white table sugar (this is the kind of sugar used for baking)

4 parts warm water (or regular tap water)

Using warm water helps dissolve the sugar. I use the tap water that comes out of my sink.

Bowl or glass



Mix water and sugar in a bowl using a spoon until it dissolves. Now you have a best hummingbird nectar that you can serve anytime using an appropriate feeder. Some likes their hummingbird feed boiled instead. Either way is safe for these birds.

I mentioned that it is the best hummingbird food recipe, right? You can serve them right away and just have any excess or leftovers refrigerated. This can help lengthen the shelf life of the mixture for even up to a couple of weeks. (more…)

Selecting the Cage for Cockatiel

If you have decided to have a Cockatiel for a pet, you need to understand what it takes to provide the best care for this bird. Although this bird does not really need high maintenance when it comes to cost of anything that will make the bird’s life acceptable. You will need to make sure that you have enough time and energy to devote to provide adequate care and create quality moments with the bird. One of the firsts that you need to consider is selecting the best cage for Cockatiel.

Proper Care for Cockatiels

Cage for Cockatiel

Caring for this bird requires daily commitment of providing several hours of affection and undivided attention. It may seem quite demanding, but if provided properly, you will reap the rewards many times over.

One of the primary tasks to consider to ensure that you will be able to provide the best care for your Cockatiel is to ensure that you create the most appropriate conditions and environment. You can start by finding the best cage for cockatiel. The pet’s cage is a good spot to start. Remember that the cage that you designate as your bird’s next home will affect its overall health drastically if you won’t be able to get an appropriately sized cage for Cockatiel.

Before heading out to check a local pet store or even online, however, you need to make sure that you know enough about the product that you intend to purchase. Instead of relying on the sales staff at pet stores for possible cage suggestions, it is still best that you understand quite well what your pet needs to be able to make the right decision. Take note that most well-known chain pet stores hire employees who know very little about birds nor choosing the best cage for cockatiel. All that they could probably been required to read on is the selling and customer service guidebook that they might have been provided with.

It is highly recommended that you turn to forums for guides from breeders. It is a great way to share your concerns with experts and be provided with the right information that will help you make a wise decision later on.

Selecting the Best Cage for Cockatiels

To ensure that you will be choosing the best option for a bird cage, you will always have to go with a cage that is of the highest quality. Look for cages made with stainless steel or wrought iron powder coated cages as they are safer and more durable than those made with wire or plastic materials. They are also easier to clean. Considering about maintenance, a cage that has a pull out tray at the bottom, will be a great option.

You might be tempted to choose round or cylindrical cages, but birds actually these types of cage can restrict the birds movement and can cause insecurity for your Cockatiels. Find one with enough flying clearance and one that has a secure latch that will keep your bird locked up securely. (more…)

Proper Horse Care

It is not that easy to tame a horse. If you are one of those who fancies of having one or more of these fillies to care for, you need to understand proper horse care.

Horses are majestic animals. They are so powerful and possess great beauty and amazing power that you will be proud of while riding one of them, perhaps, by just looking at them. It will be an exhilarating, yet an enjoyable one. It will be like conquering a beast at the start. Later, you will realize that you are just experiencing a different feeling of happiness with a conquering beauty that all that you would want is to have that thing with you to continue to astound you for as long as it lives.

Horse Care

It may prove to be a challenge for first-time owners, nonetheless. But once you have learned the basics, it will be a lot easier to provide these beauties the proper care that they need to stay healthy under your care.

Horses require much attention like many other animals. They also have a specific diet and need more spaces than other pets that you may already have at the moment. So, if you are planning to take on the challenge, you will need to take on yourself to understand and implement the best ways to nurture your equine’s health. Once you do, it will not only be your horse that will benefit from the experience, but you will also find it a very rewarding one.

To help you with the challenge, consider these tips to ensure that your horse will remain healthy and happy while it is under your care.

  1. Make sure to provide adequate food for your filly. It may sound like a cliche, but, yes, your horse need proper nutrition to maintain its good health. Horses need more than your ordinary house pet. They like to graze constantly. That means you will have to establish regular times throughout the day for feeding to train your horse to get used to that feeding pattern. Hay is a staple diet for horses and this should be given to them to fill in as much fiber that they need.

As they have a hearty appetite, these majestic steads also need to have plenty of fresh water available to drink.

  1. Keep your horse reasonably fit by making sure that it gets enough exercise. The amount of exercise that stabled horses need will be dependent on its breed, the work that you require your filly to accomplish regularly, as well as the type of environment that it inhabits.


How to Effectively Treat Worms in Horses

Like other domestic animals, horses are prone to diseases and parasites that affect their well-being. Both the internal and external parasites are likely to affect the horse.

A low number of parasites in the horse’s body may not have severe effects on the animal. However, a high number of parasites has serious health implications on the horse.

Treat Worms in Horses

Types of Worms That Affect the Horses

  • Pinworms-They harbor in the large intestines or the rectum of the horses. They cause hair loss and severe itching of the tail.
  • Bots-The bots are flies that lay eggs on the skin of the horse. The horse ingests the eggs when it licks its horse. They cause inflammation of the harbor, skin and stomach ulcers which brings about colic or perforation of the intestines.
  • Stronglyes (Cyathostomins)-Both the large and small redworms cause serious health problems to the horse. They cause severe weight loss, colic and diarrhea. In severe cases, it leads to death.
  • Tapeworms-They causes less damage to the horse. However, in severe cases, they cause blockage in the large intestines causing digestive problems and colic.
  • Roundworms-These affects the liver, the digestive system and the respiratory system. In severe cases, it causes permanent damage to the digestive system. Also, they block and cause rupture of the gut resulting in death.

How to Control Worms in Horses

The horse owner has to follow a specified worm control method and exercise proper pasture management which is done by:

  • Picking up the horse droppings from the grazing area as soon as possible. During the warm weather, animal waste should be picked at least twice a week.
  • Avoid overgrazing. Overstocking the animals in a small grazing area increases the chances of worm infestation in the horses. The droppings will be more, and the horses will eat the pastures close to the ground where there are a high number of the eggs and larvae of the parasite.
  • Practice pastures rotation in the grazing paddocks within a period of six to eight weeks of grazing.
  • Cross-graze, the horse with other farm animals. Some of the worms affecting the horse may not survive in other animals. If the grazing area has parasites, the other animals will help reduce the rate of infestation in horses.
  • Harrowing helps in spreading the worms across the grazing field.
  • Feed the horses from the feeding tubs to avoid the contamination of the hay with the manure.
  • For a new horse, do not keep it with other horses. First, evaluate the parasite burden on it.

How to Treat Worms in Horses

If administered correctly, oral chemical medicine is the most effective method of treating worms in horses.

  • First, weigh the horse to help determine the right dosage for the animal. If you at the farm, use the weight tape as gives a rough estimate of the weight of the horse. Alternatively, use a weighbridge or the veterinary hospital.
  • When administering the wormer for hosre, ensure it has reached up to the throat. Tilt the head of the horse upwards to ensure the horse does not spit it out.
  • Ensure the horse does not spit even the slightest part of the dose. If the treatment is incomplete, the parasites will become resistant to the drug.
  • Give all the horses and ponies the wormer at the same time using the same medicine.


Benefits of Waterproof Dog Collar for Your Fur Baby

Just like humans, dogs also loves going outside for adventures. Whether your dog just loves playing in the water or rolling in the mud, they deserve to have a nice collar that will stand up to the test. Aside from being used as a restraint, identification, protection and fashion statement for the dog, a dog collar is should also withstand the toughest and dirtiest condition without stinking and harbouring bacteria.

Dog collar is often overlooked at by many pet owners thinking that it is already good once it is placed on the dog’s neck. What most people don’t know is that they will make dogs uncomfortable in more ways than one. An unwashed dog collar will lead not only to discomfort but other diseases to your dogs since they harbour bacteria in the long run. Hence, getting a waterproof dog collar is a good idea to prevent this from happening.

Waterproof Dog Collar

Here are some of the reasons why you should get your dog a waterproof collar:

  1. To easily identify your dog

If you and your doggo enjoys having a walk in the park, then you should get your pet a waterproof dog collar that will make him/her standout from the rest. Since dog collars comes with many assortment colours, it would be very easy for you to identify which one is your dog one he starts to mingle with his friends. There are also waterproof dog collars that come with a personalized slide-on stainless steel tag where you can put important information should your dog get lost.

  1. Makes your dog look attractive

Dog collars make a good fashion statement for your pet. It is like a necklace that they are wearing in their neck permanently. Since waterproof collars comes in all shapes, sizes and colours finding one that will suit your pet will be very easy. From nylon, leather, biothane and more you will never run out of choices. (more…)

Guide in Choosing the Hamster Bedding

If you are one of those who have grown to be too fond of hamsters that you decided to keep one or more as pets, then you need to know how to choose the best hamster bedding. Just like any other pet, your hammy will need the most appropriate housing that will keep it comfy, happy, and healthy. And as not all beddings will be beneficial to your pet hamsters, you need to identify which ones you need to consider for the best bedding that you can provide for your pet hamster.

Before we proceed with the best bedding for your hammy, let us first get to know more about your little fur ball. What makes it quite appealing to new animal owners? Here are some interesting facts about hamsters.

hamster bedding

Interesting Facts About Hamsters

Your little fur ball has descendants that used to live in the wild. The first of its kind was noted to have lived in Syria before they were captured and domesticated to become the pets that you now adore.

These adorable furry creatures are part of the largest group of mammals known as the rodents just like other animals in this order: mice, guinea pig, squirrels, beavers, porcupines, muskrats, chipmunks, prairie dogs, lemmings, and many others.

One common characteristic of this specie is the presence of a continuously growing set of incisors.  

Following are some more interesting facts about your little fur ball:

  1. Hamsters are crepuscular, which means that they are most active during the twilight hours. That is the reason that you may find your pet leaving it burrow shortly before the sun goes down then returns once it gets dark.


  1. The European Hamster is the largest of all hamster species. It can grow to up to 33 cms or 13 inches.


  1. The Roborovski Dwarf hamsters, on the other hand, are the smallest type of hamster. Sourcea indicate that an adult Roborovski Dwarf hamsters can sometimes grow to up to only 2 inches long.


  1. There are five different hamster species that are currently being kept as pets: Roborovski, Syrian, Campbell’s Dwarf, Chinese, and the Winter White Russian Dwarf hamsters.


  1. Hamsters are omnivores. These little docile-looking creatures love to eat insects.


  1. Hamsters usually live to about w to 2.5 years. However, the Roborovski hamsters are said to live longer, often up to about 3 years. Although 4 year old hamsters are seldom seen, they are not unheard of.  


  1. These tiny creatures can give birth to up to 24 little hammies at a time!

As important as all these facts, is the kind of environment that you will provide to your little hamster. You will need to know the adequate depth, alternatives for its bedding, as well as safety factors that you need to consider to provide the best hamster bedding that you can provide for your little furball.

When choosing the best bedding for your pet, remember that there are some substrate that will best suit your little pet’s natural behavior, while others pose a potential danger to your pet. (more…)