Thumbs Up For Adopting Senior Dogs!

Thumbs Up For Adopting Senior Dogs!

Posted by Buddy on 2012-04-09 07:36:50

Is 7 years really that old? Do you know that some dogs can live to be 20? Don’t let age deter you, senior dogs can enrich your life for many years!

I understand why everyone wants a cute, cuddly puppy, but have you forgotten how much you end up loving that cute, cuddly adult dog once it grows up?

There are so many wonderful benefits of owning a senior dog. Yes, the number of years you get to spend together are less, but it doesn’t mean those years are any less amazing.

Already trained!

Senior dogs have most likely already been trained! These dogs have already lived in a household and been taught how to behave. This means that things like potty training, chewing and overall bad manners probably won’t be a problem.

This is a huge plus for people who don’t have the time to train a new dog!

Less active!

Senior dogs have gotten their ‘puppy playfulness’ out of their systems. They still want to play and have fun but won’t require as much activity as a puppy. They will also be more accepting of a relaxing lifestyle with less attention.

Not everyone has a lifestyle that affords them lots of time to walk/play with their dog. Having a senior dog will be perfect for you. The same amount of love without all of the hyper activity!

Instant love & affection!

Senior dogs have had families but for whatever reason no longer do. This means they already know what it’s like to have a home with parents and they want it again.

Seniors dogs have lots of love to give and want to give it instantly!

Already socialized!

Most senior dogs have already been socialized. This means you will already know if they get along well with kids, cats and other dogs. You will also have insight into their fears/aggressions.

No guessing games necessary!

Seniors 4 Seniors!

The lifestyle of a senior dog fits perfectly with the lifestyle of a senior citizen! They would make perfect at home companions.

Owning a dog also offers many health benefits, such as lower blood pressure and quicker recovery during illness or surgery.

A senior dogs’ unconditional love along with health benefits means you are saving two lives at once!


If you’re not ready or don’t have the time for a puppy, but you are looking for a calm, loving companion...why not consider a senior dog? They have just as much love to give, yet don’t come with all the initial responsibility.

Millions of dogs die every year and most of those are senior dogs. They deserve homes just as much as puppies so why not give it a shot?!

After all, could you really turn down a face as cute as mine?

Please note that no senior dog is the same. All have had differing lives and could come with varying health issues, but this doesn’t mean they won’t make a great companion for your household!

Thumbs Up For Adopting Senior Dogs!
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Chris wrote:

Excellent post!
After my beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback Rudi died recently I am about to take a "senior" dog. He's nearly 6 years old and I feel he and I will become as good a team as Rudi and I were. Of course he's a Ridgie, too.

Buddy wrote:

Best of luck with your new furry friend. I'm sure your new Ridgie will give you just as much love as Rudi did!


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