Humans and Dogs, from the same mold?

Humans and Dogs, from the same mold?

Posted by Cool on 2011-05-10 08:45:13

Good morning internet people (I guess that’s what I’m supposed to call you??). My name is Be Cool (my formal racing name) or Cool for short. I am Buddy and Gabby’s cousin on their mother’s side. You will have to excuse my writing skills as this is the first time I am venturing into the internet world. Technology is so beneath me, I have no idea why you humans like it so much. Typing articles and doing research is just so boring…hence the reason why my human sister is typing this story. I have much better things to be doing with my precious time today then pushing some plastic keys.

I am sure some of you are wanting a little background information on me because I know I seem supremely interesting. I am a 6 year old retired racing Greyhound that was rescued at the age of 2 and moved into this wonderful kingdom my mom calls a home. I was adopted by this wonderful lady who loves me with all her heart but is just so needy. She requires so much of my love and attention that it is exhausting sometimes. And she constantly has to be on the move, I mean I have to let her take me for walks 3-4 times a day just so SHE can get all of her energy out. Geez, you humans require so much time!

Many of you are probably curious about my life as a racer but honestly I don’t talk about those 2 years of my life, I have erased them from my memory and instead choose to discuss my life as it has been the last few years. The car rides, trips to the mountains, loads of treats and the king-size bed are all proof that I have become the King that you see today.

I know that you must be thinking how someone of my statue has the time to be writing to all of you. Well, truth is my cousin, Buddy has been constantly bragging about his life on the internet and all the new friends that he has made and I had to see what all the hoopla was about. Buddy has also been telling me lately that I act more human than dog. Please!! Little does he know that humans are actually acting like us dogs! I figured it was high time that I educated all humans (and Buddy!) on how alike humans and dogs actually are. Many humans think that because we walk on all fours and they walk on twos we are nothing alike. You will be very surprised!

Here is a brief list of things that make dogs and humans so alike. If I told you all the similarities at once you might freak out!

• We both hiccup, cough, sneeze and fart (Yes ladies, I know you fart, even if you won't talk about it!)
• We both poop and pee
• We both have fur/hair that covers our bodies
• We both shed. (Yes, you humans shed hair whether you want to admit it or not)
• We both like to have massages
• We both are looking for love
• We both love to receive presents
• We both love to receive attention
• We both love going on car rides
• We both have to see a doctor for regular checkups
• We both can get cancer and other terminal diseases
• We both suffer from similar psychological disorders, such as dementia
• We both get allergies, skin and respiratory
• We both can take antibiotics and other medications to cure or sustain ailments
• We both require a series of shots when first born
• We both must pay close attention to our periodontal health
• We both must take showers/baths to keep clean
• We both must take precautions to protect ourselves from the sun and its heat
• We both must drink water to survive
• We both can get ticks
• We both have toenail/fingernails that require constant maintenance
• We both wear clothing. (Yes, humans wear clothes daily where us dogs don’t, but that’s just showing the world how much smarter us dogs are!)
• We both love sleeping on a soft bed
• We both love to watch TV (You think we are sleeping but we are just being sneaky.)
• We both need to exert our energies through playing ball, running and/or walking.
• We both procreate
• We both nurse our young
• We both can have natural or cesarean births

This list could go on and on but I think you get the point. Humans obviously aren’t lucky enough to be made just like dogs, but its similarities are quite close.

Victory for me, folks!! It sure feels good to prove Buddy wrong! I will never again be made to feel bad for acting like a human. I am Cool the Greyound and I was Born This Way! (yes, I am a Lady GaGa fan).

I also wanted to remind you fine folks that there are thousands of retired Greyhounds that are looking for forever homes. As you can see from my photo below, we are a very beautiful breed. We are also loving, loyal and easy to care for. Many of us were raised in deplorable conditions and long for a loving family who doesn’t want us to chase rabbits. Please check out Greyhound Pets of America for additional information on adoption.

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