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Posted by Gabby on 2010-06-23 11:58:15

Today I want to tell you the story, as it was told to me, of how I came to be with my current mom and dad. You see, for whatever reason, either I wandered off from my doggie mom and dad or the humans who had me at the time dumped me, I was found wandering on the side of a busy highway when I was only 4 weeks old and 1lb. This wonderful couple from a countryside in Georgia found me and took me home. They knew right away that they couldn’t keep me because they already had other dogs to feed so they called a local rescue group to pick me up. I went to live in a new house with LOTS of dogs and cats.

A couple months before all this happened my current mom and dad had a death in the family. Their precious (well they say he was, I never met him) greyhound, Joshua died. He had been sick for a very long time, but it was his time to finally go. My parents didn’t want to think about replacing him so soon because it was too hard, but my current brother Buddy was already showing signs of depression without his best friend around. I am sure you guys all know by now that Buddy is not the depressed type, he is so darn perky that he gets on my nerves half the time! But anyways, they knew that Buddy needed a friend, but as much as they wanted another one, a greyhound just wasn’t the right choice so soon after Joshua’s death. They decided to start looking for a smaller dog, somewhere in the terrier breed like Buddy.

My mom did a bunch of searches for various rescue groups before coming across an amazing site called (more about this awesome site at the end). This site allowed my mom to search all the rescue groups and humane societies in a specified area. So my parents searched and searched. They put in applications for numerous dogs only to find out that they had already been adopted. They would go to local pet stores that were having rescue days and just never found the right dog. One day, after searching and other sites for about 2 months and expanding their search area beyond Florida, my mom came across me! By this time, I was 6 weeks old and weighted a whopping 2lbs! My mom and dad talked it over and decided to contact the rescue group that had me with some questions. My breed was marked as a Terrier/Chihuahua mix and since Chihuahuas can be a bit temperamental (not knocking all you Chi’s out there, that is just what I have heard) my parents wanted to make sure that I would get along well with Buddy.

How cute was I??

All the information came back positive (thank goodness!) so my parents filled out an application and got accepted! Woohoo, I was on my way to a new home, not that my current home was bad, but there were so many other animals that I was not getting the special attention that I thought I deserved (that sounds like the “Chihuahua” coming out in me, huh?). There was only one small catch, remember where I said my mom expanded her search beyond Florida? Well I was living in Georgia, some 320 miles away from where my parents lived. They knew I was the one though so on a Friday night after work, they packed up Buddy and headed up to Georgia where they were going to pick me up that Saturday morning.

Needless to say it wasn’t the best ride up for my parents. They quickly realized that where Buddy is great on car rides, he is horrible staying on hotel rooms. So after a night of no sleep (Buddy has a severe barking problem, I just don’t understand what his deal is sometimes) they headed over to a local vet where they were going to meet me for the first time. My parents had only seen one picture of me and even though they knew I only weighted 2lbs, they were blown away by how tiny I was. I fit into the palm of my daddy’s hand, but boy was I adorable! The wonderful people who had been taking care of me had this adorable pink collar on me (I learned later that it was a cat collar, how offensive!) and I gave these sweet little kisses, I was just too cute!

As advertised, I was too cute for words and my parents showed me off to everyone! I would run around the house and steal socks or nibble on ankles. I would chase after Buddy and bite his ears, which he did not like. In fact, there wasn’t much that he liked about me at first, but I think that was because I got so much attention and he was jealous of how cute I was. When I would eat, I would stand inside the food bowl and when I would sleep my parents put me on a blanket up by their heads and wrapped their arms around me. Oh, those were the days of being babied, I sure miss them. As you can probably tell, Buddy and I have since gotten past those cuteness issues, but I still think I am more adorable then he is!

Acting like a proper lady.

The last part of the story is how definitely wrong my initial breed explanation was. Remember where I said “the Chihuahua coming out in me”, well I quote that because where I was super tiny when my parents got me and I may have stayed that way for a few months, I finally started growing and growing and growing. I used to be able to walk underneath Buddy and now he can walk underneath me! I turned into this 25lb dog that no one imagined I would be. Once I had filled out and grown to my full size we all knew there was no Chihuahua in me, my parents think I have more Rottweiler in me because they say I can be a bit mean at times, but I just don’t see that, so whatever. Either way, everyone calls me a Terrier Mix now, since we have no idea what I am. But Chihuahua or not, I am with a great family and it is all thanks to that great couple who rescued me on the side of the road, the great rescue group who took me in and loved me and then for helping my parents find me and the rest is history! I found the best parents in the world, and I guess my brother isn’t half bad either, he has some good moments.

If you are looking for a pet to adopt, any type of pet, please take a minute to check out This is a super duper website that will allow you to search for animals, by breed, age and location. It has a huge list of humane societies and rescue groups all over the US that post information about pets that need to be adopted. Many of these pets are in kill shelters and don’t have much time left! There is also a lot of wonderful information and tools to help you during your search. I hope that you can find your next ‘soul mate’ just like my parents did!

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