Meet the Teachers

    • Buddy

      "Your kidding right? How about you roll over and I will give you a treat?"

    • Buddy

      "It's so annoying when my contact lens falls out"

    • Buddy

      "Next time you have to fart... Warn me first!"


    Bio: Buddy is a pure bred rat terrier that always seems to see the brighter side of life. This is evident from his frequent episodes dashing about the house and leaping on and off of the furniture. He greets everyone with a happy spirit and provides his parents quite the entertainment everyday when they get home as he leaps up and down at the door waiting for them to come inside.

    Buddy is somewhat of a Mama’s boy and during his waking hours serves as a second shadow to his Mama just as his sister Gabby does for her Papa. Buddy is a little less than assertive with his sister which means he often doesn’t get to chew the treats. Instead, he serves as the family watchdog by sitting in the window and announcing the approach of visitors (people and cats) with a chorus of barks. Overall, he’s a good boy that can always be counted on to brighten your day.

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    • Buddy

      "Your soul... I can see right into it..."

    • Buddy

      "A good student always raises their hand before asking a question!"

    • Buddy

      "It's been a long day... my head feels so heavy..."


    • Sex: Female
    • Born: 2008
    • Breed: Border Collie/Spaniel
    • Owns: Amber Marshall

    Bio: China’s life with Amber started a couple years ago after she was found running with a wild dog pack on a reserve. A rescue group by the name of “Pets For Life” picked up her and her sister who were only a year old at the time. China was terrified of people. She would cower in the back of her shelter kennel, and the only way the staff could take her out was to loop a slip collar over her and virtually drag her. When Amber saw China she knew immediately she wanted to help this dog overcome her uncertainties. It took a lot of socialization and trust but now China is almost completely over her fears. She now goes everywhere with Amber, including to work!

    • Gabby

      "Someone just opened a cookie jar!"

    • Gabby

      "Poke me! I dare you!"

    • Gabby

      "Sit! Then you can have your ball back."


    Bio: Gabrielle or Gabby as her friends call her, is just a sweet girl that has a hard time showing it. Gabby had a bit of a rough start in her hometown of Statesboro, Georgia. She was found on the side of the road wandering about when she was just a few weeks old. Fortunately, she found her way to a rescue group and then to her forever home at only 8 weeks old and weighing in at less than 2 pounds. With the help of her parents over the last several years, she has grown into a happy and healthy 25 pound mix breed that rules the house.

    She isn’t especially fond of strangers, but once she gets to know you she just wants to cuddle and kiss. You can easily tell when you’ve won her over because you’ll hear the distinct thumping of her wagging tail as it hits the floor. She also loves her older, but littler, brother Buddy very much and can’t stand to be without him. While they often disagree about who owns the dog treats in the house, they can regularly be found snuggling near each other on their favorite blankets or beds.

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    • Jake


    • Jake

      "Is that a cookie?"


    • Sex: Male
    • Born: 2009
    • Breed: Malamute
    • Owns: Ryan Cooper

    Bio: Jake is a powerful Alaskan Malamute that finds curiosity in everything around him. Jake continually strives to learn and explore as much as possible. Jake loves being the center of attention and has developed a youthful attitude of pride.

    As a Malamute, Jake often struggles with authority and is generally content to be the boss, even when someone of greater authority is present. Jake's dominant personality has begun to shape him as the leader he some day wishes to be.

    Jake was born at Koyuk, a kennel located in snowy Camp Creek, Alberta, Canada. Jake's father, Chance was a proud and powerful Malamute that found great success in the show ring including earning "Best of Breed" in many regional and national competitions. Jake, himself, has little interest in the ring but has not forsaken the confident swagger of a show champion.

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    • Remi

      Why Hello.

    • Remi


    • Remi

      What? Aww... Just five more minutes?


    Bio:Remi is a lovable and cuddly Shepherd who loves the outdoors. She always has a positive attitude and has never met another human or animal she doesn’t like. She spends most of her time lying on the deck watching the horses and cattle in the front field. When it’s time to do chores, she happily follows her owner into the barn to feed and check on the many animals.

    Remi also loves to follow her best friend China on many adventures, which can sometimes get them into trouble! The neighbors know her well and usually welcome her happy presence into their yard to play with their kids or dogs. Being the large puppy that she is she is always careful to be gentle to the smaller creatures. Her number one playmate is a 4-month-old kitten named Mouzer.