Welcome to Barking Orders, The Canine School For Humans. Teaching Humans all about Dogs

Are you a passionate dog lover?

Do you often wonder why your dog does silly things?

Do you often wish you could better train your dog?

Do you want to learn how to ensure your dog is healthy?

Do you want enjoy spending time with a furry friend?

At Barking Orders learn from our renowned team of four legged teachers who want to help enlighten humans about the intimate details of being a dog.

Winter Weather Leads to Itching and Flaking

Winter Weather Leads to Itching and Flaking

Winter weather is just as harsh on a dogs’ skin as it is for humans! Cold outdoor air and hot indoor air lead to...

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The Canine School For Humans

Barking Orders is a place where dog owners and dog lovers can come to learn all about their beloved companions. Barking Orders' mission is to help break the common misconeptions that society clings to in regards to how to properly care for a dog. Through education Barking Orders feels that humans can learn to make their pets happier and be happier with their pets in return . As a result fewer dogs will end up in crowded shelters due to improper care or because they were placed in a family that did not understand how to care for them.


The bulk of Barking Orders' information is in the form of lessons created by our team of canine teachers. Through the Lessons you can enter the canine world and learn all about the varied aspects of dog hood. Through the Barking Orders lessons learn about:

  • Diet: All about feeding your dog and ensuring that he or she gets all the nutrition that is required.
  • Training: Want to learn how to teach a dog to sit? Stay? Fetch beer from the fridge? Training a dog can be a difficult yet rewarding experience.
  • Health: Just like humans, dogs have to worry about their health. Find out about the various canine ailments and learn how to prevent them.
  • Behavior: The key to a strong relationship between man and dog is understanding each other's behavior. When your dog does something seemingly odd he or she often has a reason for it.
  • Supplies: Various supplies that will help you, the dog owner, best care for your pet.

Each lesson only takes a few minutes to read through and at the end you are presented with a little bit of homework should you wish to tackle it.

Barking Orders' Free Cookbook

When you subscribe to the Barking Orders mailing list you will be sent a free copy of our digital cookbook. Inside you will find a collection of yummy and nutritious snacks that you can make to brighten the day of any dog.